Monday, August 30, 2010


Mehhh who sez I don't blog! I've been having such an eventful.. period. of time.

Yeah, well last week actually marked the end of the shower of assignments.. Now only need to adjust my group presentation with my unimates and then it's time to hit the books, finals drawing near.

Anyways, gotta share what happened on Friday when I went down to Johor to find b and check out the production plant of a company I would be interning in. So I reached the place, and my boss-to-be tells me he isn't it, tells me he's been waiting for me since morning and I didn't call to tell him I'll when I'll be arriving.

Ironically on Thursday I asked "Sir I call you when I reach Johor okay?" and he said okay.

Bugger man. So then he and his company people were at JB settling some company matters, said could only meet me in 2 hours time. "Ok sir it's okay so then maybe can I just come over to see your company?"

"No cannoott, nobody there today all of them here. Also, the company is the company, the production plant is elsewhere."

"Oh where's the plant then?"

"Erm you call this number 016-XXXXXXX... look for Mr Chin."

"Ok thanks." *tries to call like more than 15 times non stop engaged and it still enters voicemail.

*calls boss again* "Sir I tried to call but he never pick up.. keep on liddat la."

"Liddat ah.. liddat ah.. can't you wait for awhile until 430 like go yumcha at a kopitiam then later I come meet you?"

"Er it's okay la I wanna go see the factory, don wanna go back KL too late (actually cuz I wanna go see my gf la ._.)"

"okay okay *gives me address* aiyoh u really cannot wait until 430 meh? really la that place u really donno how to go wan, why not you wait then I bring you there? you drive here alone or with your dad?"

"with my dad (my cousin actually.)"

"oh ya wait for me la.. easier.." *eventually I insisted and tried to look for the place on my own*

anyways, up to this point I started to remember that freaky experience with the con car rental.. and I started to think that maybe, that this company could be a hoax too. They didn't ask for my resume. Though they said it's their first time accepting interns, even so I believe resume is the most basic you can request especially when you hire someone. Also, when I dialed to their company, noone answered and it eventually redirected me to this other woman, who also referred to me to my boss-to-be, Mr Koh. Everything led back to him and the website is kinda crap.

Ok anyways whether it was true or not, doesn't matter. Fast forward a minutes later after a meal with cousin, we decided to at least go look at the plant to see whether it was a hoax anot. Made our way on the freaking Lebuhraya Pasir Gudang (*hi*hole) , just when I was going down a road that joins to the main road, while the entire road is jam from where I was even up to the main highway road.. I was slowly moving into the main road, n it was jam mah right so I was stationary, couldnt move front or back. I was stationary with the front right corner of my car slightly sticking out from my lane, when suddenly this KKKKKRAAAAAKKKKKK sound shocked me and my cousin.

THIS TRUCK CRASHED INTO MY RIGHT REAR VIEW MIRROR. SLOWLY. I couldn't get out of the freaking car. Eventually reversed and did, got off the car and argued with the freaking dude. Indian man kept saying I makan his lane. I WAS IN A JAM. SO WAS HE. Eventually didn't settle, went report police.

So eventually the investigator wanted to know what happened. Right after I explained it and said that I was stationary, he said "Dia jalan besar, you jalan kecil. You salah."


"tapi.. tapi saya tak gerak"

"oh ni you punya pasal, you memang salah you nak accept ke tak nak pasal you."

*this went on for about like 5 mins*

So I got summoned for that, and found out I was fighting a losing case. But I mean, at least la say you understand my point of view and explain that you cannot override this law. Anyways cousin says that dude was just freakin evil, pure evil aura oozing outta him even sun wu kong can smell from a mile away. Screw malaysian government workers with attitudes, this guy really had an attitude. I personally don't have anything against gov workers, just this particular cocky sad old whateverhedeservestobecalled.

Mad week right. I know. fml.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hey all, It's been decided that i should go back to my old beloved blog once again, because
Cheez is too busy to update the apparently couple blog . :p So blogging here solo is the same.
I'd rather return to my blog, which i miss soo much! So please re-link or divert your
eyes and attention back to :

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Stranger Danger!!

Sorry for the lack of updates from cheezo recently, this blog really seem to be slowly transforming into my own personal blog, instead of ours. Ahah. Anyways, there's this incident that happened to us while i was in KL last week, which i feel i ought to talk about and

Create some awareness

So, it was pretty much my last day there, and Cheez had to return his car, because his parent's needed it. We decided to look up for car rental services, as i have to make my way to KLIA
at 5 in the morning , the very next day. So hee went ahead to search for car rental services online,
and got a number from this certain private dealer. And went ahead to call and make plans.

Their cheapest deal was a saga for about 180 for two days. Reasonably cheap. Then we went ahead to talk about how to go about with the transaction and et cetra. The woman on the line was an Indian lady. And she said, we don't deliver the car to hotels ( We were putting up at one that night ) only to a house. So i would need a house address. Anyone's would do, even a friend's.

Weird right?

I mean what about tourists who want to rent cars?? How are they gonna get a house address to rent the car with? Lol! So , Cheez had to explain that his girlfriend (me) is not Malaysian and we're putting up at a hotel. So after much consideration, she reluctantly agreed. Then we offered to pick the car up from the office, and she said if we want to pick the car up, we'd have to leave behind our motorbikes behind.


If we had a motorbike , TELL ME WHY would we even be needing a car?

Okay, so that time we thought, oh! maybe because they've had many cases of their own cars being stolen and really wants to take every bit of precaution to prevent that from happening.
Given them the benefit of a doubt. She said, payment of the car would me in CASH, upon arrival and the car would reach us at about 9.30 PM.

And so we waited

and waited

and waited even more

And the clock striked 11 PM, something was amiss. So cheez called back the Indian lady who gave him the number of the person sending the car over. And gave directions , he said the delay was due to a traffic jam. Traffic jam from kepong when he could have taken the highway to Damansara? And pardon me, a traffic jam at 10pm at night?

It was almost 11.30 and the person delivering the car called, the first voice he heard was a 'hello' with the woman's voice! The exact woman that he called who was apparently at her office ! Then on the next 'Hello' it was a guy's tone. They said they have arrived and asked us to head down.


Our hotel 's reception was on the second floor, thus we were able to look down and observe. We saw them getting out of a big white car. But we didn't see any SAGA ! The windows of the Big white car were VERY TINTED. Two indian man got out and said over the phone . ' We left the car at the Shell petrol station nearby, get into the white car and we'll take you there.


I told cheez to switch his phone off, and got the reception to make sure that they let non of the people into the hotel. We got one of the receptionist to take a look at the window, observe the men and explained the situation to him.


The next day, we rented a car from HAWK . A proper car rental company, for another SAGA, which was more expensive of course but definitely saved us the scare and alot of trouble.

Imagine what would happened if we entered that car... We should have found it odd from the moment they told us that they needed a house address.

To rob the house???

So guys, please me wary and aware. The company is Called 'DM Holidays' And they're one big hoax !It's sad that because of people like these, reliable private dealers get their businesses affected as well. For us, it's a lesson learnt. No private dealers for us anymore!! We could have gotten robbed and killed or kidnapped? Who knows?? Even until now thinking about the incident sends shivers down my spine. So everyone, please be alert and wary of them and many others out there just like them. It pays to look for for the little and tiniest details while making such transactions. Or maybe paying abit more for a reliable company really is just worth the money after all.


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Time is running out

This post, is on the couple remaining days i spent in KL, and i'm glad i got to meet up and spend it with Cheez and Jun. Oh , and not forgetting Louis, Eddie + the cute Brownie (Jun's doggie) & Richie (Eddie's doggie) xD Forgot to take both of their pictures !!! :(

Anyways it's been awhile since i met up with Jun already, the last time was when we celebrated her birthday on my one day trip up to KL. xD


Btw, Usually when i go KL, you'll see me meeting up with almost the same bloggers. But, those are the ones, whom i've know since i started out blogging. And have maintained a friendship with for almost 2 years edi. :) From blogging friends to real ones.And i'm very thankful to have met them. Of cos, i'm looking forward to meeting new ones too! :)


Picked Jun up as usual at her place, went to play with brownie abit first. At first she was dam scary, cos when we parked outside the house, she started barking at us edi T-T

But she calmed down after smelling our hands and was damn eager to pounce on me when we entered the house. haha So cute le.

After playing with brownie, all of us headed to Pavillion for food, the last time we were there was two years back when all of us first met together with Chris. Nostalgic ; -)


Omg, look how much we have changed in 2 years! haha

Decided to eat at Dragon-i just because we i haven't eaten there before! Heard loads of amazing reviews on their overpriced but awesome Xiao Long Pao.


$9 +
If im not wrong !


Jun's Suan La Mian!
I find that Suan La Tang always taste like sharks fin soup -_-
But Very yummy, non the less!


Fried rice with Shrips
Delish to the max :p


Stir fried long beans with cod fish and potato

After that went shopping, met up with Louis for dinner ! Dai Chao ! But sorry guys, no pictures were taken. We forgot , i think ! LOL. After we parted ways, met up with dearie Jess for PINEAPPLE TOP SHISHA YO! Sposed to meet up with Victoria too. But due to transportation problems, didn't get a chance to. :( Oh ya, didn't take pic with jess also :/ Rawrr!!!!

I'm keeping myself away from KL because of the awesome food T-T
but in two/three months....

P/s : Didn't get to meet up with bestie this time round :( ALLL D BEST IN UR EXAMS!!
Much love Best!



Thursday, August 12, 2010

Back to reality

I'm back from KL guys !! That's 5 days of no internet access too. I don't know how i'm able to do that, when i'm usually always glued to my computer at home. hahaha

KL was really fun, & i got to see cheez again! KL has so much to offer!
Shopping, Food , Etc... And i get to make use of our currency exchange rates :p

x2.3 can!

Anyways, i should shut up and post some pictures now. xD

Meet my personal Chauffeur for the trip hehe..




Yay for boyfriends who drive!!! :D


All prepped up for a short trip somewhere!!
Guess? ;)



Cam-whoring on the way. Cos i was bored la!!!





Look ma! No hands!!! xD





Corkscrew!!! LOVE THIS RIDE!



Someone dam smart forgot to bring his sweater


Yes! It's Genting Highlands!!!
Been years since i've stepped foot there!!


Went for Dinner , DAI CHAO!
Love eating Dai chao/Zi Char! & KL got the best Dai chao one can ever find!
This is located at d foot of genting, on d way to Berjaya hills!


Wild boar meat stir fried with onions & ginger!
Compared to normal pork, wild boar's meat is very tender & yummeh!
They were very kind with their portion too!


Stir fried long beans!
All i can say is that it's Dam fresh wei!


Hotplate Tofu aka Tie ban dou fu!
Yummeh! & the egg adds to d oomph factor! hehe

Total bill : RM 29
(WTF SGD 12 only T-T)


Next day, we headed to Cheras for the super famous Sun Ming roast duck!



Arg! Singapore shud have better food!!!
Price is on the higher side for duck rice, we bought 2 packets with charsiew
for 26 RM!


Dinner at Lan jie's tilapia fish restaurant!
@ Kota Damansara


It was dam packed, so be sure to give a call and make your orders first before heading there!
we didn't T-T so had to wait pretty long.
The fish is fresh and meat is tender without the fishy muddy smell !!

I want to go back again leh :( sigh.
I'll be back really really soon tho !!! hehehe oh i'm not done with my post yet,
but do tune in the the next post featuring my long time good friend & leng lui blogger Jun Jun!


P/s : Shoutbox is up guys!

Lots of love,

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Heaven in a Link

I still remember the first move we watched together.. which you thought was boring ahhaha. Apparently the most boring show on earth. LOL. I thought you may have found it qute (quite cute) even tho there wasn't a single word properly pronounced in a human manner throughout the entire flick.. For those who are wondering, it's Disney Pixar's Wall-E. Google it..


Anyways, almost everytime we meet in Singapore we're bound to watch a movie, be it on the com, on cable or even on the silver screen.. And for some reason no matter how early we plan to watch a flick, we'd end up booking tickets to a show with a cinema that's almost full. To avoid that sometimes we'll head down to the box office itself and purchase our tickets there and then (not like you can 'make' the cinema any emptier by doing so lol). Obviously after having surveyed the emptiness of the cinema first..

So if you're last min ppl, like us.. what we'd usually do is this


or this.


and then kinda check either in different window or tabs looking for the best time for us, with the best seats as well of course.. we've been doing that ever since..

until recently..

instead of going through all that trouble, we do this!


NO~ we didnt print screen both of them to look at both side by side, which would be so mafan n such a waste of time lol.

So what is it exactly la?

It's basically...


The Only site in Singapore that integrates all the showtimes for all the movies as well as the online ticket booking systems for almost every theatre that exists in Singapore!

For example~

Clicking on a certain specific time for Inception (let's say) at GV.. would lead you straight to the seat selection online booking window of GV's website! This way you don't need to go through the unnecessary alt+tab-ing and eye straining cuz of the speed you're going at when you alt+tab!

That's not all folks... also has many other features which ranges from 'Movie trailers to Photo galleries and..... You guys could even get the latest reviews from's very own movie experts and other fellow users!!

You know, the best thing you can ever get out of this is....

DISCOUNTS for Your GOLDEN VILLAGE Tickets When You Book Through

Yes! You heard me right!
Tickets will now be priced at $8.80 for movies on weekends
Priced at ONLY $7 for movies on weekdays
IF! You book through

Do you still need anymore reason to not head on to now?
ok fine! For those who still do, I have MANY MORE!

After watching the movie and being refrigerated in the cinema for at least an hour or so, we usually head for a meal, and usually it's up to our cravings that helps us decide where to stop for a meal.

We usually have cravings for more or less the same kinda food.. jap, steak, some hawker.. yes our cravings are numbered, as limited as the usual dishes that you'd order when you eat at zi cha/tai chao. BUT,

A craving is still a craving
it has to be satisfied..

It's like an idea.. an idea is like a virus.. once it.. OK I DIGRESS. Sorry. So usually either b has somewhere in mind already.. but there are times where we'd be searching for good places for food as well.. so for a sesat Malaysian like me, this is what i call...



With stall searchs of over 20 THOUSAND listings of restaurants & EVEN... listen up... EVEN Your Fave Hawker Stalls in Hawker Centers or Maybe the coffee shop near your place!

And if you thought it was just the food and movies,You thought wrong. ;)
also provides info on the latest deals in shopping, events and much more!



With new features like, All New Beauty & SPA Contents. Yes, very handy indeed for the always stressful Singaporeans! & ALL the LATEST COVERAGE and Information on the Latest events! From YOG to Formula1 , National Day and even BAYBEATS!

Apart from that, also has all the latest happenings and events, news, as well as businesses! IF ONLY THEY HAD INTEGRATED INFO LIKE THIS IN KL! :(
Then again KL already has enough problem integrating public transportation.. for stuff like these, maybe in another 5 years? 10 years tops haha.

This is MILLIONS of information of the best food & movies and so much more. ALL found in ONE SINGLE LINK.

It's like Rotten Tomatoes + Makansutra + E! Entertainment + more
all together!
Isn't it heaven in a link ? haha

It's like being spoon-fed without having to do tonnes of research online!
So efficient & saves us the time and money too!

So remember , when you want to watch a show, or grab a bite or missed the news
the first thing you should think of is


Thanks to we were able to catch the premiere of sexy Mama ( no pun intended) Angelina Jolie's movie ' SALT ' .


As a CIA officer, Evelyn Salt (Jolie) swore an oath to duty, honor and country. Her loyalty will be tested when a defector accuses her of being a Russian spy. Salt goes on the run, using all her skills and years of experience as a covert operative to elude capture. Salt's efforts to prove her innocence only serve to cast doubt on her motives, as the hunt to uncover the truth behind her identity continues and the question remains: "Who Is Salt?"


I shan't let the cat out of the bag and give you guys spoilers, but in my own personal opinion I didn't find the flick fantastic. Or maybe because Inception raised the bar very high :P

While the plot is outlandish, it unspools with obvious twists and turns. The film has its tense moments, but instead of dazzle, there's a workmanlike quality to the action sequences.

But it would be best for you to catch it youself and answer the quesion..
''Who is Salt? ''

OMG It's 2.30 AM in the morning. & I've got a bus to KL at 7.30 AM
to catch. YIKES!!! So until the next post.... XOXO

With love,
Abby & Cheez

Pass the SALT please

You'd roughly know what the next blog post would be about from the topic . No , not food!!
I know everyone loves food. But this time it's something to do with Angelina Jolie and her latest flick ! Not only SALT, but something to do with the many other MOVIES you'll be catching very soon, FOOD and much much MORE! !!


Wondering what that is right? :p
Well you'll have to wait up for the upcoming post~


Cheez came over to Singapore yesterday. FOR A DAY! How mad is that?! Because his mom wanted him home the night itself, so he doesn't miss school the next day. WTF! Poor him, must be really tired. But i'm glad i got to meet him again :p

Sigh Life of a girl in a LDR. hahaha ! SHALL bomb this post with lovey dovey pics! It's a couple blog after all! :p



Okay that wasn't alot. I was nice enough to combine them all into two, to save you guys from getting diabetes or sore eyes la ! :p Anyways, I'm going to KL in two days time !!!! Can't wait!
Gonna go pack my stuff into my luggage abit now, so i won't have to pack it last minute! Until the next post, cya!

P/S : Oh yes, about the CBOX. Bear with us guys, Its only temporarily! We're searching for a CBOX alternative. I know it's troublesome to keep hving to type your Links unlike CBOX!
But please do for the time being, until we switch the the upcoming one!!! Thank you so much !!!

With love,

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